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A Deep Look at the Evolution of Protein Raw Materials: From Provon 295 to Promiko in Spain

I. Provon 295: A Reference in Protein Raw Materials:

Once the mainstay of many protein formulations, Provon 295 earned its reputation through its quality and versatility. Extracted from reliable sources, this raw material stood out in the industry, providing a solid base for numerous food products and supplements. However, progress is a constant, and in this case, it gave way to even more advanced innovations.

II. The New Era: Promiko in Spain:

Over time, market demand and technological advances led to the introduction of Promiko in Spain. This new raw material has revolutionized the way protein products are conceived and formulated. Its more refined origin and processing has allowed a substantial improvement in terms of purity, bioavailability and sustainability, placing it at the forefront of the industry.

III. Key Features of Provon 295:

- Origin and Extraction: Provon 295 was extracted primarily from dairy sources, ensuring a high-quality protein base.

- Nutritional Profile: It stood out for its balanced profile of essential amino acids, contributing to the development and maintenance of muscle mass.

- Common Uses: Its versatility allowed it to be incorporated into a variety of products, from protein shakes to energy bars.

IV. Promiko: Innovation and Efficiency:

- Sustainable Source: Promiko is obtained from sustainable sources, aligning with growing environmental concerns.

- Purity and Bioavailability: State-of-the-art extraction technology ensures exceptional purity and optimal bioavailability, maximizing health benefits.

- Adaptability: Promiko's versatility allows its application in a wide range of products, from foods to advanced supplements.

V. Environmental impact:

A crucial aspect in the choice of raw materials is their environmental impact. While Provon 295 met acceptable standards, Promiko takes this a step further, committing to sustainable practices from source to final product.

VI. Regulatory Considerations:

It is essential to highlight that any change in raw materials must comply with local and international regulations. The transition from Provon 295 to Promiko in Spain has been meticulously managed to ensure compliance with established standards.


The evolution from Provon 295 to Promiko reflects the dynamism and innovation in the protein raw materials industry. As we embrace new options, it is crucial to value not only nutritional effectiveness, but also environmental impact and sustainability. The transition to Promiko in Spain represents a significant step towards a healthier and more responsible future.

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