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In our sports blog, you will immerse yourself in the exciting and challenging world of endurance. But what is endurance in sport? Endurance, also known as resistance, is a category that encompasses sports and disciplines that require a high level of physical and mental resistance. These sports test an athlete's ability to maintain sustained performance over long periods of time, whether in racing, competition, or extreme endurance activities.

The sports that are part of endurance cover a wide range of disciplines, from long-distance running and cycling to triathlon, ultra trail running, open water swimming and much more. What all of these sports have in common is the need for outstanding endurance, a strong mentality and a specialized training strategy.

On our blog, you'll explore tips and techniques to improve your endurance, learn about the importance of nutrition and hydration in endurance sports, and discover inspiring stories of athletes who have achieved extraordinary achievements in these challenging sports.

If you want to push your limits, improve your endurance capacity and immerse yourself in the exciting world of endurance sports, you are in the right place. Our sports blog will provide you with valuable information so you can reach your maximum potential in endurance sports. Join us and get ready to elevate your performance!

  • Calambres en Carreras de Trail y Montaña: Causas, Prevención y el Suplemento No Cramp
    Calambres en Carreras de Trail y Montaña: Causas, Prevención y el Suplemento No Cramp

    Las carreras de trail y montaña ofrecen desafíos emocionantes y vistas impresionantes, pero también pueden poner a prueba tu resistencia física y mental de maneras inesperadas. Uno de los obstáculos más comunes que los corredores de trail y montaña enfrentan son los molestos calambres musculares. Estos espasmos dolorosos pueden afectar tu rendimiento y arruinar tu experiencia en la montaña. En este blog, vamos a explorar las causas detrás de los calambres en carreras de trail y montaña y...

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